Bluewater Power is Moving to Monthly Billing Starting in January 2017!

Signing up for eBilling is one way to reduce paper clutter as billing frequency doubles.

The Ontario Energy Board, our industry regulator, has mandated that all electric utilities in the province switch to monthly billing.

Beginning in January 2017, all Bluewater Power customers will begin being billed monthly instead of every other month. Monthly billing will provide our customers with a shorter timeframe in which they can better react to changes in their usage habits if needed. Monthly billing may also help make household budgeting simpler and more accurate.

The monthly bill will have the following updates:

  • Your meter reading period will be approximately 30 days
  • Your electricity charges will reflect the shorter length of time
  • Your bill payments will be due monthly, check the due date at the top right of the bill

If you are currently billed for water by Bluewater Power, these bills will also be issued monthly, with estimated and actual readings alternating each month.

Preparing for Monthly Billing

For those customers who receive their electricity bill through the mail or through eBilling, the bill will now arrive monthly. Be advised, that payments made by mailing a cheque or through a bank, take 3 to 5 business days to reach Bluewater Power. Customers should take this delay into account when paying their monthly bill to ensure their payment is made on time.

Customers who are on Bluewater Power’s Pre-Authorized Payment plan will have their payment to Bluewater Power processed through their bank account on a monthly basis instead of bi-monthly according to the due date on their bill.

Customers who are registered for Bluewater Power’s Equal Payment Plan will continue to have their payments automatically withdrawn from their bank account every month.

You Have Billing Options

You can sign up for eBilling, which will minimize the amount of paper coming into your home. You will also:

  • Receive email notifications as new bills are issued
  • Download your electricity bills anywhere you have internet access
  • See your current or your historical hydro bills
  • You can register for Bluewater Power’s Pre-Authorized Payment Plan to have your payments automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date.

Monitor Your Electricity Use Daily?

Bluewater Power’s MyAccount gives customers the opportunity to accurately manage and monitor their electricity usage. It’s secure, convenient and easy to use. Customers can click on the visual graphs and charts to view their individual usage right down to the day and hour. Access this important information and more.

Sign Up for MyAccount Today!