Tree Trimming
Sometimes, because our power lines run overhead, trees can grow and interfere with the lines. If you notice that a tree is interfering with the lines, please contact us at 519-337-8201 and let us know.


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When should I contact Bluewater Power?

If you see a tree that poses a potential threat to human safety, then get in contact with us straight away.

If you’re not sure whether or not it is a hazard, check to see whether it meets any of these hazardous conditions:

  • The tree or branches are smoking, sparking or burning on an electricity line
  • The tree is an immediate hazard to the line (split, leaning, hanging over, uprooted)
  • The tree is leaning on an electricity pole.

If it meets any of those criteria – or you’re still concerned that it’s a danger to anybody nearby – then make sure that you get in contact with us.

Should I attempt to trim my tree that’s interfering with the line?

No – not in any circumstance. Although it’s important for the tree to be trimmed and taken away from the line, it’s important that it’s done by a professional that has been trained to stay safe. Attempting to prune or chop down a tree near power lines can not only result in damage to the power lines, but presents a very real danger of serious injury or death.

What if the lines are privately owned?

Bluewater Power is not responsible for the maintenance of trees or vegetation on privately owned lines; that is the responsibility of the owner. We recommend that you hire a qualified contractor to do the work and contact us to temporarily disconnect your electrical service during maintenance.


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