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Bluewater Power, in partnership with the Independent Electricity System Operator, has a number of programs and financial incentives to help customers invest in energy efficiency.


Energy Conservation Success Stories

Western Sarnia Lambton Research Park

After completing a detailed energy assessment of the Research Park’s 300,000 square foot facility, many areas were pinpointed where energy efficiency could be improved.  From new variable frequency drives to 5,500 LED fixtures, there were plenty of opportunities to upgrade to more energy efficient equipment. For all of these projects, the team at the Research Park reached out to Bluewater Power for help.  Through the Save on Energy Programs, Bluewater Power delivered $194,000 in financial incentives.  As a result of these upgrades, the Research Park is on track to realize energy savings of approximately 44%. The facility now boasts one of the lowest per square foot energy costs of all institutional users and over the past three years has had an occupancy rate of approximately 90%.

Sarnia City Street Lights Conversion

By year end 2014 all mercury vapour street lights in Sarnia had been converted to LEDs.  These lights represent 22% of the total street lights in Sarnia and were the most inefficient.  Through the Save on Energy Programs Bluewater Power was able to provide the City of Sarnia with a $77,068 financial incentive on the costs of the street lights conversion.  The LED lights save 318 kW of electricity per month and have an “all in” savings of approximately $240,000 per year.  The payback on this investment was only 2.75 years!

An additional 1,800 street lights were converted to LEDs in 2016.  Bluewater Power provided the City of Sarnia with approximately $169,000 in financial incentives for this upgrade.

Continuing to improve the energy efficiency of the City of Sarnia is a main goal of Bluewater Power.

Residential Energy Conservation

The Save on Energy programs have been designed to make it easier than ever to make your electricity use more efficient. Learn more about residential programs and how to use them to obtain incentives and coupons to save money on your household energy projects.

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Business Energy Conservation

If you run or own a business, make sure you’re getting the most out of Save on Energy’s business programs

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